Spring Decorating Ideas

Happy Spring! Now is the perfect time to revamp your home décor, especially for all you new homeowners looking to personalize the new space you live in. A new article from Realtor.com has offered some EASY & INEXPENSIVE spring decorating ideas to help you welcome the new season into your home!

  1. Add a bright accent wall: Since you may not want it year round, use some peel-and-stick wallpaper that will be quick and easy to put on and remove when you’re ready.
  2. Decorate w/ nature itself: Collect old birds nests around your home and put them on display under a glass cloche or filled w/ fruit, flowers, or colored eggs!
  3. Put out fresh flowers: This is a must if you’re going for the rejuvenated, fresh vibe. Great options include calla lilies, irises, tulips, and pansies.
  4. Change up furniture accessories & lamp shades: Put those dark, lifeless shades, throw pillows and accent blankets into storage, and bring out some lighter, fun colors! Yellows, soft pinks, and orange go best with warm-toned houses and light blues, greens, and silvers are great for cool tones.
    image courtesy of Realtor.com
  5. Put on lightweight bedding: With warmer temperatures and sunnier days, you might want to consider changing out your flannel sheets and heavy blankets for lighter bedding options. Try out lighter pastels for the accent pillows and throw blankets.
  6. Decorate w/ fragrant herbs and fruits: Displays of fresh green plants throughout your house is always a great idea for spring! Go for small pots of herbs such as basil, thyme, and mint in your kitchen area to add fresh smells. You could also put bright fruits like apples, limes, lemons, or pears out on the counters or dining table.
  7. Get new bathroom linens: Livening up the bathroom is another easy and inexpensive spring upgrade. A bright, patterned shower curtain with matching hand towels will give your space that extra pop, and soft scented candles will take you even further!
  8. Give the entrance some love: Consider painting the front door a fun accent color, get a new doormat, or even get outdoor planters. A fresh entryway tells people spring has sprung at your house!

Oversized Lots in BRAND NEW Lynden Development!

Welcome to Blankers Estates on the Ridge! This BRAND NEW development is located on the South West side of Lynden featuring over 30 lots with fantastic views of the Cascades and Nooksack River Valley. Each of these oversized lots are zoned for a primary estate residence with the ability to accommodate a secondary housing unit and/or shop. This new community is a unique addition to Lynden that encourages extended living. Get your hands on one of these lots and enjoy spacious, peaceful living! If you’re interested or have any questions at all, feel free to give me a call @ 360-410-1297. Have a great week!

What You Should Know About The Tax Reform Bill

The Tax Reform Bill that was passed in December has a direct effect on property owners, and I am here to help you understand what these new rules and regulations mean for you! If you’re interested in reading through the entire tax reform article written by the National Association of Realtors, it’s linked HERE, but below is a summary of the tax changes to be aware of:

  • Home Mortgage Interest Deduction – The final bill retained the mortgage interest deduction on mortgages, but limited the mortgage debt to $750,000 for new loans (previously-secured loans up to $1 million are grandfathered in). The mortgage interest deduction for second homes follows the same rules.
  • Home Equity Debt Interest and Second Mortgages – The bill repealed the deduction for interest on home equity debt but not if the loan was used to substantially improve the residence.
  • Property Tax Limits – For those who itemize their taxes, a deduction of up to $10,000 for the total of state and local property taxes and income or sales tax will be allowed.
  • Capital Gains on Home Sale – Although this was looked at closely, the final bill kept the current law in place, allowing for no capital gains tax on primary residence with gains of $250,000 for singles and $500,000 for married filing jointly so long as the homeowners lived in the home two of the last five years before selling.
  • 1031 Exchanges – For those people with investment property, the bill retains the 1031 Exchange rules for exchanging real estate to avoid capital gains tax.

There are also some additional changes to items such as moving expenses and the historic tax credit that may have an affect on your taxes this year. If any of these changes apply to you, take a look at the full article linked above, talk with your accountant, or let me know if you have any questions!

Beautifully Maintained Bellingham Home!

Welcome to 4219 Northridge Way, a beautifully maintained Bellingham home with views of Lake Whatcom and the mountains! Take advantage of living right outside Barkley Village with 3 spacious bedrooms & upstairs bonus room, along with an updated kitchen, brand new deck, and backyard landscaping. This gem won’t last long… give us a call if you want to take a look!
For further info on this property, Click Here!


Make the Most of Your Outdoor Spaces in Winter

If you’re a seller, I’m sure your goal is to get the most buyers interested in your property. One of the most impactful ways to attract buyers to your home is to make the most of your outdoor spaces! The outside of a house is one of the first things a buyer sees, so focusing on it’s potential will not only catch potential buyers’ attention, but will allow your property to stand out from the rest. Here’s a list of the TOP FIVE things you can do in any climate to maximize your outdoor space:

  1. Focus on first impression & curb appeal: Ensure the driveway and walkways are clear, clean, and nicely edged. This will allow the front door and garage doors to look crisp and inviting. Curb appeal also means making sure all garden beds are raked out and landscaping is trimmed up. These simple enhancements can make for a powerful first impression.
  2. Give your windows a little TLC: Making sure your windows are clean and streak-free is a must. This allows for the sunlight to stream through and illuminate the space and also give the best opportunity for a potential buyer to notice the incredible outside views available from the rooms in your home.
  3. Get some green: Never underestimate the power of plants and flowers. Put out pots on walkways and in other outdoor living spaces such as boxwoods, evergreen azaleas, or even small cedars. Depending on your climate, keep a look out for winter-blooming plants such as heathers, hellebores, and crocus to add some color!
  4. Set the stage: Many sellers make the mistake of only focusing on the inside of their home when selling during the winter. Don’t be fooled! If you have a fire pit and some all-weather chairs or benches, consider putting some throw pillows out there with some colorful matching blankets and even the fixings for s’mores. All of a sudden, you’ve entirely expanded your living space and given your buyers a visual of a cozy night at home by the fire!
  5. Lights, camera, ACTION: Invest in some outdoor hardwired landscape lighting that accents trees to give your home that extra wow factor. You can also put up white party lights, deck lighting, or battery-powered candles in lanterns and hurricane shades. Don’t let lack of outdoor hardwiring keep you from showing off your outdoor living space!

Listing your home during the winter can be advantageous if you put the work in to stand out from the rest. Get an edge over other homes on the market by making your outdoor spaces shine. Give me a call or send an email, and I’ll be happy to help you make a plan when it’s time to list!

Jerry Blankers | 360-410-1297 | JerryBlankers@MuljatGroupNorth.com

Hirst Decision Fix!

GREAT NEWS for Whatcom County property owners! Over the weekend, the Governor signed the bill to fix the Hirst decision regarding water availability for new private wells. Realtors all over the state have voiced how the Hirst decision has impacted their clients, and in effect have made this victory possible. “Stories make legislation happen” – Nathan Gorton, WA Realtors Government Affairs Director. Thank you to the 500 Realtors that attended Legislative Day in Olympia and all others that responded to the call to action! So, if you’ve been holding onto vacant land or been wanting to build, now is the time. Give us a call and we would be happy to help you take that next step!

For more details on what this means for you, follow the link: Good News on Hirst!

Guatemala Mission Trip Update: Basketball Skills Camp & 3 on 3 Tournament

Guatemala Update! The First Reformed Church – Lynden, WA mission group made it to Guatemala & put on the basketball skills camp and 3 on 3 tournament over the weekend. The event was a great success with 10 men teams and 5 women teams. The tournament was a great way to connect with the community, teach basic basketball skills, and compete in a fun atmosphere!